• calcium alginate dressing


    [Product Name] Alginate Dressing

    [Product Performance, Structure & Composition] This product is a type of fibrous dressingmade of 100% polymer material (alginate).

    [Indications] It is applicable for treatment of skin wounds.


    (1) Clean the wound area in the conventional manner before use of the product.

    (2) Choose an alginate dressing of a size slightly bigger than the wound area; tear open the inner package, and take out the dressing carefully; place the alginate dressing over the wound; gently press it and hold in place to ensure it fully contacts the entire wound area. In case of deep wound or existence of sinus tract, use of alginate strip is recommended.

    (3) Choose a suitable adhesive dressing to cover the product.

    (4) Generally, the dressing should be changed once daily if there is too many exudates; in the healing phase, it can be changed twice (or once) weekly.

    (5) For change or removal of an alginate dressing, gently remove the dressing and throw it into a non-recyclable refuse bag. If it is not easy to remove the dressing, normal saline can be used to wet and wash the wound area, which will help to remove the dressing. Please ensure that dressing filled in cavity or sinus of the wound area is also removed.

    [Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings & Prompts]

    1. For single use only, this product has been sterilized and is aseptically packaged. Please check the package carefully before use. Do not use it if the package is in damaged condition;
    2. In case of wound infection, the dressing should be changed once daily. Please use the product under the guidance of a doctor;
    3. The alginate dressing is suitable for care of wounds with very few exudates, but cannot be used as a surgical sponge or for hemostasis with severe wound bleeding;
    4. This product is only for external use on skins or wounds, not for oral administration;
    5. People of allergic constitution should use this product with caution;
    6. Only qualified medical workers are allowed to use this product on patients’ wounds;
    7. Used alginate dressings shall be disposed of as required by the hospital or the environmental protection administration.

    [Model & Specification] (Unit: cm): 5×5, 10×10, 10×20, 15×15, 44×3

    [Package] 1pc/bag

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