• medical elastic bandage


    [Product Name]Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage

    [Product Performance, Structure & Composition] This product is made of cotton gauze or nonwoven fabric and stretch yarn, externally sprayed with natural latex.

    [Indications] It is applicable for surgical fixation, bandaging or pressure therapy.


    (1) Open the packaging bag, and take out the elastic bandage; spread the bandage from the folding edge at the loose end.

    (2) First wrap the bandage in a circle, and then continue wrapping; overlap the elastic bandage by 2/3 of its width each time you go around.

    (3) Make sure that the last circle of bandage completely overlaps the previous circle instead of being in contact with your skin, so as to ensure good adherence.

    (4) When wrapping is finished, use your palm to press the bandage end for several seconds; 

    (5) Leave a folding edge of 1cm long at the tear position of the remaining bandage for the convenience of future use.

    [Contraindications]People allergic to latex should not use this product

    [Precautions, Warnings & Prompts]

    1. Direct contact with the wound is not allowed;
    2. Smooth down after bandaging to ensure no crease, especially on joints;
    3. The wrapping tightness should be appropriate to the extent that the user feels comfortable;
    4. Choose a bandage with a suitable width for the part to be wrapped.

    [Model & Specification] Width × Tensile Length (Unit: cm): 2.5×450, 5.0×450, 7.5×450, 10×450, 15×450

    [Storage] It should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

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