• blood irradiation indicator label


    [Product Name]Blood Irradiation Indicator Label

    [Product Performance, Structure & Composition] This product is composed of color patch, base board and radiation sensitive film made of polyester film coated with a layer of high-energy ray (e.g., γ-ray) sensitizer.

    [Indications]It is applicable for indication of blood irradiation condition


    (1) Take out the label from an independent box.

    (2) Ensure the active area is pink color prior to irradiation.

    (3) Print or check on the indicator: targeted central dose, date, time, and operator ID.

    (4) Attach the label to the surface of blood bag to be irradiated, and ensure good adherence.

    (5) After the blood bag attached with the label is irradiated by a blood irradiator at an irradiation dose of 25Gy-30Gy, the color of test area on the label changes from light pink to dark blue, suggesting that this blood bag has been irradiated. If necessary, not darker than the maximum 50 Gy reference color. Repeated irradiation of blood bag should be avoided.



    (1) Before use of the product for irradiation, please check the color of test areaon the label; stop using the product if the color is not light pink.

        (2) A blood bag attached with the label should be irradiated timely.

        (3) Keep unused labels out of ultraviolet rays or direct sunlight, and away from sources of radiation such as X-rays and γ-rays.

    [Precautions, Warnings & Prompts]

    This product is only for indication of blood irradiation, which has no correlation with the irradiation dose.

    [Model & Specification] (Unit: cm): 6.5×2.3

    [Storage]This irradiation indicators should be stored at a room temperature (-20℃to 40℃) and avoid direct radiation, which includes gamma rays, x-rays, etc. Keep away from direct and indirect sunlight, ultraviolet radiation.

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