• Silicone scar sheet


    Silicone scar sheet

    Properties and mode of action

    The product is composed of substrate, silicon gel and release layers. The silicon gel layer is made of 100% silicon gel (a biomedical polymer material) which can Soften and smooth the scars effectively and Prevent the scars from proliferation effectively.


     It is applicable for adjunctive treatment and prevention of scars.


    One course of treatment consists of two consecutive months; it is suggested that people having severe scars should use it for three to six consecutive months.

    (1) Always ensure the scar area is clean and dry before use;

    (2) Tear open the inner package; cut off a piece according to the scar shape. If the scar area is big, several pieces of dressing can be used simultaneously, but the borders must be neat.

    (3) Carefully tear off the release film on the adhesive face, and adhere the adhesive face onto the scar area which has been cleaned beforehand; use gauze or adhesive tape to fix the dressing before sleep or strenuous exercise.

    (4) In order to allow your skin to become accustomed to the product, use it for only 2~4 hours on the first and second days, and observe the skin condition. If no skin irritation occurs, prolong the time of use progressively up to 24 hours a day. 

    (5) This product can be used repeatedly; please keep it properly after each use.

    Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings & Prompts

    1. People of allergic constitution should use this product with caution; 
    2. Do not use the product in case of skin inflammation or when the wound is not completely healed;
    3. For early scars after healing of burn wounds, the product should be used with caution under the guidance of a doctor;
    4. This product is only for external use on skins or wounds, not for oral administration;
    5. This product is unsterilized and can be used repeatedly. When the product is contaminated, clean it with warm water or alcohol instead of disinfection; after drying by airing or by an electric dryer, the product can be reused until it becomes non-viscous.


    It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

    Specification: 3x12cm, 4x6cm, 6x12cm, 12x15cm, etc. OEM size and shape available.

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