• Sterile hydrocolloid dressing


    [Product Name] Hydrocolloid Dressing

    [Product Performance, Structure & Composition] The hydrocolloid dressing is composed of substrate, hydrocolloid and release layers. The substrate layer is mainly made of polyurethane membrane or nonwoven fabric. The hydrocolloid layer is mainly made of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC-2Na, a biomedical polymer material) and medical hot-melt adhesive. The release layer adopts Glassine or CCK paper or PET film. The single-use hydrocolloid dressing has been sterilized by radiation.

    [Indications]It can be used for wound exudate absorbing, wound repair and care, suitable for operative incisions, burn and scalded wounds, infected wounds, chronic ulcer wounds, abrasions, and other wounds.


    (1) Clean the wound area in the conventional manner before use of the product; gently wipe dry the skin around the wound.

    (2) Choose a hydrocolloid dressing of a size 1-2cm bigger than the wound area; tear open the inner package, and take out the dressing carefully; place the hydrocolloiddressing over the wound; gently press it and hold in place to ensure it fully contacts the entire wound area.

    (3) Upon saturated absorption of exudate, its color will change from yellow to ivory. When the ivory color extends to the dressing border, the dressing should be changed.

    [Contraindications]People who are known to be allergic to hydrocolloid should not use this product, and those of allergic constitution should use it with caution. It is not recommended to use this product on dry wound surfaces.

    [Precautions, Warnings & Prompts]

    1. For single use only, this product has been sterilized and is aseptically packaged. Please check the package carefully before use. Do not use it if the package is in damaged condition;
    2. In case of wound infection, the dressing should be changed once daily. Please use the product under the guidance of a doctor; 
    3. The hydrocolloid dressing is suitable for care of wounds with very few exudates, but cannot be used as a surgical sponge or for hemostasis with severe wound bleeding;  
    4. This product is only for external use on skins or wounds, not for oral administration; 
    5. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product;  

    [Model & Specification] (Unit: cm): 5×5, 10×10, 15×15

    [Package] 1pc/bag

    [Storage] It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

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